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Pondering the Guest List


Gretchen Funk studies the list while Diane Oswood ponders, and Sue Warner takes a Pepsi break.

Finding a Date?


Pam Woehr and Jon Oakleaf look on in anticipation while Nancy Dahlberg makes plans with her prom date.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Who is the Prettier one of all? Sandy Johnson, Sally Youngberg, Sandy Adams or Susanne Oehler. I never could tell. They were all "lookers" to me.

Dance Lessons 101


Sharyl Styrlund is trying to teach Jim Carson the two step for an upcoming Dance. Sharyl is saying, "start with your left foot, Jim, and don't stumble this time".

50th Reunion Committee


Planning Committee for the Class of "57" Standing: Dori (Erickson) Duncan, Jaunita (Nelson) Sharp, Pat (Bloesma) Steen, Pat (McCauley) Marsh, Jim Carson Seated: Roy Lagerblade, Ken Collinson, Pat (Metz) Pruden - Chairman, Carol (Stewart) Titus, Eleanor (Smidesang) Nelson

Attendees of our 40th Reunion


Looks like a Pretty good turn out for our 40th. Lets make it a lot bigger for the REALLY BIG 50th. Were going to see Classmates we haven't seen for years.

'M' Campaign Begins


From the Line-O-Type September 24, 1954.Not sure if the names are right. Jackie looks a lot like Sharyl. What do you think?

Off The Beaten Path


Here's Johnny. Photo taken by Moline Dispatch on either, September 7th, October 7th, November 7th or December7th, 1957.

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