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Lagomarcino's Confectionary hasn't changed very much. Still a great place to have lunch, buy old fashioned candy, and meet old friends.

Ben Butterworth Parkway


Same old river, but with a much needed facelift. A pleasureful walk or bike ride along the river side in Moline that continues to the west through Rock Island and to the east all the way to Savanna.

Sylvan Boat House


The Quad City Rowing Association has brought "Ivy League" rowing to the Quad Cities.

Keeping The Tradition


Montgomery Elevator has a new owner but Kone is keeping the tradition of the Christmas Tree going.

Whitey's Ice Cream


This store is located about 100 yds south east of the current Moline High School. There are several other stores around the Quad Cities. Behind this one is a large Ice Cream Plant. Probably the largest in the State.

John Deere Pavillion


An enlarged version of John Deere's original Forge Shop. It houses a museum of old artifacts a touch screen P.C. assortment that allows one to trace the history of agriculture in this country. There are also tractors, combines and such on the front patio and inside the building. Adults and kids alike, climb all over the machinery. The muesem pavillion is located in what is called the John Deere Commons.

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